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  1. OldShop Set of Two original Soviet Russian USSR Gas Masks GP-5 in Gray Both Masks with Filters Funy Gift WWII

    You receive two Russian USSR military gray rubber Gas Mask GP-5 with equipment: filters, anti-fog stickers, small membranes The GP-5 Gas Mask is a Soviet-made single filter gas mask. It was issued to the Soviet population starting in 1970; production ended in 1989. It is a lightweight mask, weighing 1.09 kg (2.42 lbs). It can operate in all weather and withstand temperatures from -40 degrees (Celsius & Fahrenheit) to 114 Celsius (174 Fahrenheit). The GP-5 also comes with sealed glass eye pieces. They were originally made to protect the wearer from radioactive fallout during the Cold War and were distributed to most fallout shelters. They have recently been tested in Poland to see if they have NBC protective capabilities. It was concluded that the mask will last in a NBC situation for 24 hours. They are a favorite of gas mask collectors because they are common and have the "old" circular eyepieces like masks used in WWII and the "helmet" type masks. A variation of the GP-5 gas mask is the GP-6, which features a circular piece of metal on the front, which acts as a voice diaphragm, as well as the not so clever design of having ear holes, which compromised the seal of the mask. Furthermore, the GP-5 mask is known to tightly cling to the skin of your head, making it only wearable by ...

    • Brand: OldShop
    • ASIN: B07HFBV4T3
  2. Deathstroke Army of Two Star Wars Fiberglas Full Face Maske, schwarz

    7-15 Tage Standardversand per Post.Langlebig und kräftige Stöße standhalten, der Hit des High Power Softair Gewehr (500fps).Die komfortablen Polster arouin Maske.Mesh-Design Beseitigt Beschlagen.Augenschutz aus hochwertigem Drahtgeflecht zu stoppen BB penetration. nie Nebel in das Spiel.Perfekt für Kriegsspiel, Paintball, Jagen und militärischen Zweck, Full-Face Protectio.Patch aus Metall Mesh weniger als 0,2 mm, verhindern, dass Partikel von externen Schocks erste ineffe ctivelyDemension: 30 x 20,1 cm

    • Color: schwarz
    • ASIN: B01H8VNTEM
    • UPC: 732330729558
    • Part No: 43237-2
  3. How to Make: Army of Two Style Mask (for Paintball/Airsoft)

    Approximate cost for the build is about 50 bucks (USD) Materials: Styrofoam head Terracotta/Modeling Clay (poop) Crystal Clear Spray Enamel Plaster Paint Brushes Paste Finishing Wax Microfiber cloth/ Paper Towels Fiberglass Mat Fiberglass Resin/Hardener Bondo Body Filler/Hardener Acetone (option...

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    Tags: Airsoft (Sport),Paintball (Invention),Two,Army Of Two (Video Game),how to make,tutorial,rios,sale...

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