Female Transformation

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  1. Tangled in Transformation: Volume 1 (English Edition)

    Human beings have been fascinated with transformation for years upon years, chanting and intoning spells in order to take on other forms - forms that can allow them to fly or become something that the human condition simply cannot hope to ever, not even once, achieve. Eagles soar and wolves lead the pack but sometimes that transformation too is unwanted and unwarranted.These are the tales of men transformed into creatures and brought to a new sense of life unlike anything they could ever have imagined before...This collection contains the following stories:1.Antelope Anticipation2.From Man to Moo3.One Man Becomes a Mount4.She Wanted a Dog5.A Lion’s Roar6.An Eagle’s Heart7.Black Panther’s Stalk8.Bliss as a Hippocampus9.Mean Old Mule10.The Feline PersuasionPlease note that these mini stories are each approximately 1000 words in length.

    • ASIN: B07S6ZT1RV
  2. The Alpha's Kingdom (English Edition)

    It's Where the Alpha is King!Collected for the first time, five sizzling hot tales of an alpha and the women he makes his! From the college ice-queen to a business-like coach, Jack will be collecting some of the hottest, most eager women he’s ever met to enter into a new world of sexual pleasure and obedience!Get ready to see how eager every woman Jack sets his eyes on will be to give him everything they can! The Alpha’s Kingdom includes volumes 1-5 of the Alpha’s Girls. There have been some minor formatting and editing changes to the original stories.

    • ASIN: B07M9LJXTV
  3. Taking Girl Pills: Feminization (English Edition)

    Cam and Terrence have been friends, but they were never able to get beyond some fundamental incompatibility between them that would let them take their relationship to the next level. That is, until Cam tries a girl pill.

  4. Pink Lips (Gender Transformation, Gender Bender, Male to Female Transformation) (English Edition)

    When James looks at the back of his naughty magazine, he sees an ad that changes his fate forever....WARNING This 4000 word short story is for ADULTS ONLY. Contains sudden gender male to female transformation, lesbians, and several hot dirty sexy scenes, which some readers may find offensive.Excerpt:I start to dial the number on the ad and hang up before someone answers. My heart is racing as my cell phone starts to ring in my hands. "Shit they must have caller id," I say.My hand is shaking but I answer it. "Hello?" I whisper."Hi, my name is Savannah, I think you just called my number," she says. I sit in silence worried. Maybe this is just a stupid escort service, and I am just a freak. "Yes, sorry wrong number," I say as I am about to hit the button I hear her voice, "It's okay to be scared of the unknown, but I can hold your hand," Savannah says. I feel uncomfortable, but respond, "I think this was a mistake," I say softly."Life is full of beautiful mistakes James," she says."How did you know my name?" I ask."My mystical powers! Just kidding I have caller i.d," she says laughing."Now, if you want a life changing experience come to the New Day akery on Monroe tonight at ten, I will be wearing red," she says. Before I can answer, she hangs up the phone.I cannot shake her mel...

    • ASIN: B00IM0OIVW
  5. Touch Football: Transgender Romance (English Edition)

    You have a what?!Piper is determined to let her roommate Josh know about her secret and how she feels about him. One day after a friendly game of touch football, he learns the truth about her. Will he run or decide it’s his thing? Find out today!

    • ASIN: B07TTDR752
  6. PASSING GRADE: Crossdressing, Sissification (English Edition)

    Frankie has spent most of his time at photography school slacking off: partying every weekend, missing class, and botching assignments. Now, with just a couple of months left in his course, he’s on the brink of failing, so he needs to ace his latest assignment: a photo shoot with a model he’s required to find himself. The photography school is right across the road from the local modelling school, so Frankie figures there’s no rush. He leaves the vital assignment to the last minute, and then he finds himself at a loss when all of the local models are busy. Now, if Frankie is going to get a passing grade, he’s going to need to come up with a good idea, and he might just have one that will require a wig and a bit of makeup—and maybe a splash of vodka.

  7. The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation (English Edition)

    “Thursday morning.One hundred pounds overweight, no man in sight, and rounding the bend to 57 years old—a full-blown catastrophe.”What happens when you realize you’ve had the career of your dreams, but you don’t have the life of your dreams? This was the stark reality facing Sheri Salata when she left her twenty-year stint at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios and the OWN network. She had dedicated decades to her dream job, and loved (almost) every minute of it, but had left the rest of her life gathering dust on the shelf. After years of telling other people’s makeover stories, Sheri decided to “produce” her own life transformation. And this meant revisiting her past, excavating its lessons, and boldly reimagining her future. In these pages, she invites readers along for the ride—detoxing in the desert, braving humiliation at Hollywood’s favorite fitness studio, grappling with losses, reinventing friendships, baring her soul in sex therapy, and more. Part cautionary tale, part middle-of-life rallying cry, Sheri’s stories offer profound inspiration for personal renewal. 

    • ASIN: B071HD87JY
  8. Futanari Fourway ...for Science! (ffff, futanari on female, MILF, older younger) (English Edition)

    Not two weeks after the sexy accident in the previous book two cute but hungry researchers at Chase labs order a pizza, only to have the cute tomboy pizza delivery girl knock into a table and spill a strange chemical all over the lab! The acting head of night security, a tough, no-nonsense mature beauty named Vanessa watches in horror on her security cameras and races to the scene of the accident only to discover that a strange and wonderful transformation has begun to endow all of the hot young women with very big surprises! Even worse, the emergency blast doors lock shut trapping Vanessa inside the lab with the three horny young girls. How will this mature silver fox make it out before things get too crazy? More importantly, once the neglected mature beauty she sees the massive, hard, and throbbing secrets they hide, will she event want to?

    • ASIN: B00TE9XLE0
  9. Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

    Rare Book

    • ASIN: 1594770689
    • Part No: 9781594770685
  10. Social Theory and Psychoanalysis in Transition: Self and Society from Freud to Kristeva (Routledge Revivals: Anthony Elliott: Early Works in Social Theory) (English Edition)

    Originally published in 1999 Social Theory and Psychoanalysis in Transition is a benchmark critique of Freudian theory in which a dialogue between the Frankfurt School, the Lacanian tradition and post-Lacanian developments in critical and feminist theory is developed. Considering afresh the relations between self and society, Elliot argues for the importance of imagination and the unconscious in understanding issues about the self and self-identity, ideology and power, sexual difference and gender.

    • ASIN: B07QM9V1VK
  11. Preg Day (Preg App, Gender Transformation) (English Edition)

    For Ralph, the most disappointing feature of Lake Tahoe is the lack of reception—until he mysteriously receives a gift through something called the Preg App. His reward? Nine months of pregnancy in nine hours. Yeah, right. But then his tummy is actually swelling, and his girlfriend doesn't see anything wrong! What's more, he's not the only big-bellied vacationer having app-related fun.Preg App version 2.1601 log:* added Mother's Day gift package* increased social media integration* fixed a glitch where clothing would sometimes change colors for size auto-adjusting* fixed a glitch where only 36-year-old women born in February would be immune to the awareness on/off feature* fixed a glitch where the age value could be negative* Loot Boxes are here!

    • ASIN: B07TV6S3GY
  12. Crushing the Mafia: (Female Muscle Transformation, Female Muscle Domination) (English Edition)

    When mobsters come for her boyfriend, Jessa is determined to do whatever it takes to stop them. Even if it means taking an untested growth serum. And after it transforms her into a vengeful muscle Goddess, she’s going to teach the mobsters a lesson they’ll never forget. She’s going to crush the mafia.This story features Female Muscle Transformation, Female Muscle Domination, Female Muscle Worship, Men Being Humiliated by Superior Female Muscles and a Giantess teaching her boyfriend who’s in charge of their relationship. Jessa has a perfect life. She has an amazing job as a pharmaceutical scientist and a loving boyfriend at home. And at work, she’s just finished developing a new growth serum that will revolutionize the field of medicine.But when her boyfriend, Liam, arrives home after narrowly escaping from the mafia, she knows her perfect life is about to come tumbling down. He tells her he’s in deep trouble with the mafia and their only option is to run away.Before they can escape, they’re captured, leaving Jessa no choice but to try the untested growth serum. The serum transforms her from a petite young woman, into a muscular giantess, with swollen, rock-hard muscles, and a raging desire to crush the men who dared to hurt her boyfriend.The serum also awakens somet...

  13. Heel!: An Office Gender Swap (English Edition)

    As heir to his father's accounting firm, Darnell Moss enjoys a lifestyle of luxury and babes—the hottest of all being Cassie Cummings, a thirsty dominatrix who traded in her whip for a desk job. But after Darnell makes a move on the wrong woman, he finds himself under five feet tall, wearing heels and a skirt, and at the very bottom of the corporate totem pole. Worse, Dolly Moss is the new boss's favorite petite pet!

    • ASIN: B07V1Y8W6X
  14. Ms. Kim's Futa Solution (Futa's Hot Boss Wish 1): (A Futa-on-Female, Interracial, Work Place, Fairy Erotica) (English Edition)

    To gain control over her female employees, Ms. Kim makes a deal with the futa-fairy!Ms. Kim's business if failing. Her all-female workforce is falling apart and she doesn't have the confidence to put things right. She wishes hard for confidence, thinking if she had a certain bit of male anatomy, she'd set things right.Lucky for her, the futa-fairy is able to grant her wish.Transformed into a futa, Ms. Kim will put her office right. But first she has to discipline her busty employee causing all the problems. With her employees salivating over her hard futa-passion, Ms. Kim is eager to hand out their new rewards!Ms. Kim's Futa Solution is an 7000 word futa-on-female, fairy, magic, interracial, oral, hand-job, spanking, discipline, exhibitionism, voyeurism, body modification erotica that is not for the faint at heart!A Tale of the Futa-Fairy!

    • ASIN: B075PGLRZF
  15. Female transformation 10 (Tiger)

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