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  1. His New Dress (Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Danny has a bit of a problem – he’s still a virgin in college. After an intense game of truth or dare in which he has his first kiss, Danny is determined to finally lose his virginity. But when he receives a mysterious package in the mail containing some very feminine clothing, everything changes. He has no idea what to do with a new dress, so he decides to ask his friend, Sasha, for some help… and she has a very special plan to solve his problem – become a woman!

    • ASIN: B07GD8ZKBQ
  2. YouTube Turned Us into Women (English Edition)

    (A social romance) Want to become a YouTube sensation? Don't do what Nick and Chris did. What they thought was a simple prank turned out to be the biggest mistake of their lives…or did it? Find out in this YouTuber romance with a twisted gender transformation twist.

    • ASIN: B07QN33DLG
  3. Transformed on Camera (Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    When Sam is approached by an attractive girl who thinks he’s got the right “look” to be an actor, he thinks someone’s playing a joke on him. Surely there were manlier looking guys out there who looked better on camera?But he needs the money, so what does he have to lose? It isn’t long before Sam quickly realizes the people he’s acting for have a very particular way they want him to look… and he soon finds himself dressed in ways he never would have imagined! Especially when his very handsome co-star joins in…

    • ASIN: B07FB8QRMQ
  4. Undercover Girl (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    When Brian is assigned to get close to a drug dealer, he has no idea what to expect. It’s his first case with the police force and he’s beyond nervous.When his best friend suggests he dresses up like a girl to get close with the drug dealer, all he can do is laugh. There was no way anyone would take him seriously! But Brian soon learns that dressing up as a woman might not be so bad… and it isn’t long before he realizes he may just be a little TOO convincing!

    • ASIN: B07F74RG7R
  5. Trapped! (Transgender, First Time) (English Edition)

    Ever since Kevin broke up with his girlfriend, he’s been down in the dumps. But when he meets Mia, the hottest girl at the party, Kevin is fascinated: he’s never met a girl like this in his life.Things take a turn for the worse when he gets too drunk and Mia has to take him home. When they get trapped at Mia’s cabin in a snowstorm, Kevin quickly realizes Mia is hiding a few things from him… and it isn’t long before he discovers her BIGGEST, HOTTEST secret!

  6. Friends with Benefits (Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Lately, Nick has become very suspicious of his best friend, Cam. Even though Cam is a worse student, he somehow has an A in Professor Robinson’s history class, his worst subject. When Nick tries to confront him, he finds Cam dolled up in makeup and a dress!Nick never thought he’d see his friend like this… and is even more surprised when Cam offers him a chance to join him in this little arrangement with the teacher – an arrangement that involves dressing up in high heels and red panties!

    • ASIN: B07H9V6KPH
  7. More Than Friends (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Doug’s best friend, Kristen, has just been dumped by her boyfriend and she won’t say why. But she needs someone to turn to, so he knows he must be there for her no matter what… even if it means comforting her in a very special way. What he doesn’t realize is that there’s much more to Kristen than meets the eye – and a giant bulge in her pants that’s making him more confused than ever!

    • ASIN: B078TBHYNC
  8. Girls Only! (First Time Feminization, Crossdressing) (English Edition)

    When Mike’s boss tells him to keep his hot daughter, Nina, company for a few days, Mike thinks he’s hit the jackpot. While they do a little exploring, they stumble across a mysterious bar that only allows women inside.Nina is determined to get Mike inside that bar, whatever it takes… even if that means dressing him up like a girl!Even though Mike reluctantly agrees, he quickly realizes he might be in over his head when they discover that the “bar” is really a special kind of club… with dancers who like to get VERY close with their clients!

  9. My Pretty Boss (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    When Will gets a new boss, he can’t believe how attracted he is to her. And he knows there’s no way he can hook up with her - that never ends well! Will soon learns that there’s much more to his boss than meets the eye… and soon has to make a serious decision about whether or not he wants to be with her after he finds out!

    • ASIN: B0779RK6Z8
  10. Jenny's First Time (Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    When Johnny’s best friend, Kristen, invites him over for a game of truth or dare, he thinks nothing of it. Things start to get more and more physical as Johnny learns a lot more about himself than he realizes… When Kristen dares him to try on women’s clothes, he can’t believe it. There’s no way he’d dress up like a girl! But Johnny soon realizes that becoming a woman isn’t so bad after all - especially after he meets his handsome, new professor…

  11. Her Big Secret (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Sam is ecstatic: he's just uncovered the biggest scandal to hit DC in years. Unfortunately, his boss decides to send him down to Texas to report on a dangerous motorcycle gang. When Sam stumbles across their leader, he learns a BIG secret… and it could get him in serious trouble!

    • ASIN: B079K7R6X3
  12. Party Girl (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Jake is in a bit of trouble. He’s going to his first college party and can’t think of anything cool to wear to impress the ladies. When his best friend suggests that he wears a girl’s costume for fun, he decides to give it a shot. What does he have to lose? But what he doesn’t realize is that this costume might land him in a little more trouble than he realizes… especially when his new "girl" friends invite him upstairs…

    • ASIN: B074HK4HRR
  13. Picture Perfect (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Paul is a little down in the dumps lately. His career as a model photographer might come to an end if he doesn’t find the right girl. Luckily for him, a perfect 10 is interested in doing a photoshoot. But Paul realizes that there’s much more to this “girl” than meets the eye… especially when she starts to dress him up.

    • ASIN: B074JHYR3D
  14. Mystery Girl (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) (English Edition)

    Blake has never had much luck with women…until he meets Sarah. She’s charming, funny, and incredibly gorgeous. Blake wants nothing more than to rip her tight pants off and find out what it’s like to be with a woman. But he soon realizes Sarah is hiding a very BIG secret under her pants... and he can’t wait to find out what it is!

    • ASIN: B079CNZY28
  15. Trans Model Wanted (First Time, Transgender, Menage) (English Edition)

    Eric has one week to come up with the money for rent or else he’ll be homeless. When he sees an ad calling for a male model, he figures it’ll be easy money. What the ad didn’t mention was that it was going to be a nude shoot… until his employer realizes how good Eric looks in women’s clothing.

    • ASIN: B073HWRNLB
  16. I Transformed Myself Into A Girl

    today I did a BOY TO GIRL TRANSFORMATION ! this video was so fun to film and I'm so GAGGED how the final look turned out! I looked soooo pretty :) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Hey guys! My name is Jake Warden and I make fun beauty and lifestyle videos including lots of MAKEUP and R...

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